Financial Management Consulting

FAS provides financial advisory services to privately held companies throughout the United States and Internationally.  We are relationship-oriented and emphasize creative solutions to the financial managerial needs of our clients.

FAS's financial advisory services include:

o Business planning

o Business brokeri ng

o Forecasting future operations and cash flows

o Valuations

o Cash management

o Bank relations

o Identification of future financing needs

o Preparation of financing proposals and assistance in negotiations

o Analysis of financing alternatives

o Creative financing solutions

o Acquisition and divestiture analysis

o Acquisition and divestiture negotiations

o Acquisition searches and due diligence

o Prospective buyer searches

o Lease analysis and negotiation

o Accounting systems

o Management information systems

o Contract negotiation and management

o Establishment, implementation and monitoring of financial goals

o Corporate budgeting

o Financial statement presentations

o Selection of financial personnel

o Negotiations with independent certified public accountants

o Established network of professionals in all aspects of privately held companies